Haave you met Chris?


Chris/Eastbourne(near Brighton)/21
I work full time in an office and use this to stop myself dying of boredom. Expect the page to be full of pointless ramble, funny moments in my life, pop-punk and 90's stuff.
If you like any of these we will no doubt get along: How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, 90's music, Inception, Shania Twain, Scrubs, 2 and a half men, Dexter, Family Guy, Rise Against, blink 182, Something Corporate, Jimmy Eat World, Pop Punk, Sport, any form of cheesey music, Nandos, PS3



  1. Cartel (26)
  2. Take Cover (26)
  3. Alkaline Trio (24)
  4. Last Winter (19)
  5. We Are The Ocean (19)

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